Firearm pricing (firearms must be disassembled for drop off)

Rifle stock$170.00
Rifle stock receiver and barrel$225.00
Full rifle pkg. (stock, scope, scope rings, scope mounts, barrel and receiver)$275.00
Shotgun foregrip and butt stock only$170.00
Full shotgun Pkg (foregrip, butt stock and barrel)$275.00
Shotgun or rifle scope$85.00
½ Pistol w/1 magazine$110.00
Complete pistol w/1 magazine$155.00
AR (call for pricing)


Whitetail Deer (Bleached White)$155.00
Black Bear (Bleached White)$160.00
Fox, Coyote, Bobcat (Bleached White)$100.00
Turkey (Bleached White)$100.00
Elk, Caribou, Buffalo, Cow (Bleached White)$200.00
Whitetail Deer Hydro Dipped Add$85.00
Black Bear Hydro Dipped Add$85.00
Fox, Coyote, Bobcat Hydro Dipped Add$50.00
Turkey Hydro Dipped Add$50.00
Elk, Caribou, Buffalo, Cow Hydro Dipped Add$100.00

Bow pricing (all bows must be disassembled)

Complete bow$450.00
Risers only$125.00
Cams and wheels$50.00 each
Arrows$150.00 (per ½ doz.)



20-30oz Yeti style

Automotive or Motorcycle parts

Please Call For Pricing

Misc Items

Picture Frame$50.00
Toilet Seat Cover$125.00
Outlet Cover$10.00 (min of 5)
Bicycle Helmet$80.00 +
Baseball Helmet$75.00 +
Hardhat$75.00 +
Welding Helmet$85.00 +
Golf Club Head$45.00
Mailbox$85.00 +
Game Calls$40.00
Cell Phone Cover$50.00


Hydrographics is a process where you overlay a sheet of Hydro Dip film printed graphics onto an object. The hydrographic dip film is floated on the surface of a tub of water. It dissolves into a layer of paint floating on top the water. When you dip an object into it, the paint conforms and sticks to the surface.

Hydrographic Dipping is a technique that is used for transferring camo, wood grain, and other complex  patterns to three-dimensional objects. Through a chemical interaction, the design becomes part of the object . Hydro Dipping produces vivid colors, and  every part of the object is covered with the pattern.

No. If you aren’t familiar with it yet, Hydrographic Dipping is the process of immersing three-dimensional objects into water with a printed film suspended over the top. This produces complex  patterns as the objects are manipulated through the water.

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