Welcome to Buffalo Mountain Hydrographics , your go-to solution for custom hydrographic dipping that brings your cherished objects to life! We merge state-of-the-art technology with classic artistry to achieve truly unique results.

What is Hydrographic Dipping?

Hydrographic dipping, also known as water transfer printing, hydro dipping, hydro imaging, or immersion printing, is a unique method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects. This technique allows us to apply intricate patterns onto complex surfaces with ease, resulting in a seamless, durable finish that brings a fresh new look to any object.

Our Process

Our meticulous hydrographic dipping process ensures that every detail of the pattern seamlessly fuses onto your item, regardless of its size or shape. Our technique begins with a water-soluble film decorated with your chosen design. We then float this film on the surface of our hydrographic tank filled with water. The next step involves activating the ink which transforms the film into a liquid pattern floating on the water. When your item is then immersed into the water, the pattern envelops and adheres to the object, providing a high-quality, custom design.

What Can Be Dipped?

The magic of hydrographic dipping is that it can be applied to a vast array of items! If it can be dipped in water and can be painted, we can customize it for you. Our services cater to a multitude of objects including but not limited to:

  • Automotive Parts: From dashboards to car rims, transform your ride into an extension of your personal style.
  • Sporting Equipment: Make your gear stand out on the field, the court, or the course.
  • Electronics: Give your gaming consoles and headphones a facelift with a design that speaks to you.
  • Household Items: Transform everyday objects like light switch covers or vases into custom works of art.

Each project we undertake is treated with the utmost care, ensuring the finish is not just stunning, but also durable and long-lasting.

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Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Buffalo Mountain Hydrographics, a business that’s more than just a business – it’s a family. Gordon and Tara Young, at the helm of this family-owned and operated venture, stand firmly behind the idea that your belongings should be as unique as you are. That’s why we pour our hearts into offering top-notch hydrographic dipping services for you to express your individual style.

With our wide range of patterns and designs, and the freedom to create your own, we make it possible for you to truly let your personality shine. Our family values are reflected in our keen attention to detail, commitment to supreme quality, and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Eager to make a splash with your own design? Contact us today to embark on your custom hydrographic dipping journey. As a family, we’re excited to help you bring your creative vision to life.

Ready to dive into a world of unique style?

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